Hi Everybody,

This is an update about the “SCREEN” 

I don’t have drastic developments since I last updated in May. Paramount are not hounding me. Well they are, but desperation is a real turn off! So I had to let them go! No seriously, like I said in my last update, I have no definite date yet for the release of SCREEN. 

There has been some distribution interest, but it’s from the angle where a couple of companies are possibly willing to work with me on other films. Possibly fund other stuff If I do them a good deal on SCREEN. Thats great for a lot of filmmakers, problem with me is, I’m done with features. I’m 100% dedicated to my CITY OF SIN project.

I might just give SCREEN away to get it out to the world. Especially since it was mainly funded by you generous people that believed in me. I am using the film to take me to the next level that is right for me. That was always my real goal with Screen. To take me up another ladder, whatever that was. I could not move on to this stage if I had not made Screen. So I thank you all for that.

 Either way, I am looking at getting the film out in Halloween. Either with a deal, or via a possible portable drive-in network that I have a connection to. It depends on many factors beyond my control at this minute. In the meantime, I have decided to release online preview screenings from this friday from the website.

I will send you a password on friday to see the whole film if you like. After a year, I really wanted my funders and everybody that worked on the film to see it. I have no worries about showing it, because films that take the festival route also have their film on view before the official release.

I am also doing this to help with some marketing push on my next project. CITY OF SIN. As funders, I am not asking any of you to promote my new project. That’s why I wanted to send this update tonight to clear this up. The offer on the website is for people that have no connection to the film. 

When both films are officially released, you will get all the perks as promised. There is an IMDB page up for SCREEN at the moment. I am sorting out the full credits at the moment. 

I know this is a very lengthly process. I know several of you will understand that because you are filmmakers. If you want to more details about what I have been doing, approach, you can see updattes on this blog

Like I said, I will also send you the password on friday to get access to SCREEN. That password will stay the same for the whole weekend, but if you want longer to view it, just let me know later. 

I want to thank you all once again for all the support you gave me last year. I don’t forget it, I don’t take it for granted. I am a one man band at the moment. I also juggle a job, this project, and the next, so I am not great at keeping up to date with everybody online one to one. This is the best I can do here, but I do regularly update on the other platforms.

Many thanks to you all. I will keep you updated. I hope you are all doing well with your projects, and lives. 

best regards


David Paul Baker